|  | 6.30 pm | Visitor's Center, CSMVS, Mumbai

Yashwant Deshmukh, now in his early fifties, looks back at and beyond the evolution of his practice that spans over 25 years. Deshmukh’s canvases reverberate what his innumerable drawings silently observe. A brief interaction with his work exhibited so far might lead to traces of 'style' - muted colours that subdue layers of texture and almost geometric shapes marked with bold outlines. These impressions do last, as Deshmukh maintains a steady pace. During the two and half decades, a gradual process of arriving at an accomplishment in form and style, sensing a comfort zone and then a departure, can be sensed in his oeuvre.

The first departure the artist made was from the Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai, where he was trained. He took to drawing with a resolve to unlearn. The solitude ended after many months, and so did the artist's search for subject. His drawings and the imminent paintings had revealed to him that the subject is within. He became a narrator of his own visual experiences. His technique facilitated aggregation of the personal. The artist took geometry to a literally impossible task- to evoke feelings. The presentation and conversation is aimed at mapping the points of departure in Deshmukh’s work. It is a journey to the expanses of Vidarbha region, to a distant village in Vasai, to Mumbai where he lives and works and to the cities and countries he visited while his work grew beyond cultural codes.

Admission free and open to all | The program will be in Marathi and English.