| 2.00pm to 6.30pm | Studio X, Kitab Mahal, Fort, Mumbai

While Mumbai is emerging as a global city, how are art and culture envisioned in the current city development agenda? What is the role of art spaces in shaping Mumbai's future and the contribution of artists, art entrepreneurs and the creative sector in its economic growth? Gathering specialists of art, culture and development in Mumbai - from planners to museum directors, funding bodies, creative entrepreneurs, artists and cultural activists, Artworld Powwow|Art & the Mumbai Development Agenda 2014-2054 aims to discuss, analyse and rethink the place of art in Mumbai’s urban, economic and social development.

Participating Speakers: Vikas Dilawari, Prasad Shetty, Ammar Mahimwalla, Alisha Sadikot, Rajeev Thakker, Radhika P, Abdul Shaban, Parmesh Shahani, Elise Foster Vander Elst, Madhushree Dutta, Hemali Bhuta, Rajalakshmi Pandit, Diana Campbell, Abhay Sardesai