The Mohile Parikh Center has built a library of important books, magazines, and journals, and exhibition catalogues, photo-slides, and films, so that significant art-related material can be easily accessed by the scholar, student, and interested public alike. We have also published two books and five monographs to enable wider readership and participation in art discourse.

The collection focuses on classical, modern, and contemporary Indian and Western art, architecture, and cultural studies. It includes 2000 books, catalogues, magazines, and journals, 4300 slides, and 100 films on art (Videos and DVDs).

The library functions as a non-borrowing facility, although photocopying equipment is made available to the visitor, and all publications are available for browsing. Artists and writers are welcome to submit slides, CDs, and papers and contribute to our collection.

No Membership Fees
10.30 am - 5.00 pm (Monday-Friday)
10.30 am - 1.00 pm (Saturday)