[en] counters: LAND of MINE

 |  | 10.30am - 6.30pm | Various locations across Mumbai

Curated by produced by the Mohile Parikh Center and ArtOxygen, [en]counters: Land of Mine is a public art project taking place in Mumbai from January 7-14, 2012. We would like to focus on the idea of land in the city of Mumbai and its various declinations of territory, ground, soil, landscape, and heritage. In particular, we would like to explore how notions of space and identity, borders and sharing, possession and cohesion, strife and solidarity, neglect and appropriation come to the surface in the city’s everyday life and define its social environment.

Within the anarchic and uncontrolled growth of a city that has outgrown itself, land becomes a Pandora’s Box of an intertwined web of social, economic, urban and environmental issues:
• Reclamation, Erosion of beaches and Scaling of natural forests and open spaces
• Migrations, Encroachments and Over-population
• Housing, Real Estate and Property prices
• Non-developmental zones, Special Economic Zones, Rehabilitation projects, infrastructure and transportation.

The city, its development and future appears hopeless. Yet what remains fascinating are its people and the “networks of assistance” – as Suketu Mehta puts it - become its driving force, its backbone. It is this point of intersection between the vertical development of urban structures and the horizontal expansion of social relations what MPC and ArtO2 wish to explore.

Walking the Jungle by Prajakta Potnis

The artist will be drawing white-sand made lines and posters demarcating and indicating areas in the city where public and private, individual and collective use of space overlaps and clashes.

In/Out by Justin Ponmany

An interrogation into the emotional ties people attach to their homeland by focusing on the nomad – a character that lives on the margins, without attachments in an in-between state. The artist will replicate the daily activities of this character who becomes a hero in the city, a liberal recluse living in a wandering condition, on the periphery of society and unaffected by social rules and conventions.

How to Milk the Holy Cow by Uday Shanbhag

Taking inspiration from the recent case of the Kamdhenu commercial centre in Andheri, which has been built on an area initially meant to be used for recreational public use, the artist will select a series of locations in Mumbai with a similar story. In front of them, he will perform actions with a holy cow.

Education Partners: Experimental Theatre Foundation and Conservation Education Centre, Bombay Natural History Society

This project is supported by Goethe Institut, Hivos, DOEN Foundation, Mondriaan Foundation and Arts Collaboratory.