The Visual Arts forum was established as the Mohile Parikh Center for the Visual Arts to promote scholarly engagement with the arts and create an informed community that responds critically to multiple aspects of contemporary art that are not often addressed in art institutions.

Founded in 1990 as a public charitable trust by Shaila J. Parikh, an art lover, pedagogue and writer, who taught at the JJ School of Arts and actively contributed to spreading awareness about art in public forums, the MPC has succeeded in forming a way to enhance public understanding of the complexities of today’s visual arts scene via illustrated talks and workshops.

Dr. Prashant Parikh has played a vital role in conceptualizing and convening international conferences featuring critical discussions on an array of subjects such as modernism, postmodernism, art theory and practice, conceptual curating, art writing, visual studies, globalization, post-colonialism and multiculturalism. Since around the year 2000, Prashant Parikh has actively overseen all the activities of the Visual Arts Forum.

With a South Asia focus and global scope, the MPC believes that every person has the potential to engage in significant cultural exchange thereby promoting values of rigor, reflection, pluralism, inclusiveness, and informed discourse.